Cezanne Up Close at the Tate Modern

For my birthday last week husband Richard booked a guided tour of the EY Exhibition ‘Cezanne’ currently showing at the Tate Modern in London.

Although I have seen a few paintings by the highly regarded 19th century artist Paul Cezanne, I was excited to get the chance to view his many other works also one I had a particular interest in!

I too enjoy setting up and painting still life subjects. In September last year when my own rosy apples were ripe from the tree I decided to take my still life inspiration from Cezannes ‘Still Life with Fruit Dish’ using my own props.                               Not usually one for busy backgrounds or as many props, this was a challenge, more so as my canvas panel dimensions 40 x 50cm were greater than I usually use!

The Cezanne original measures 46.4 x 54.6cm

My aim was to paint ‘alla prima’ all in one session but the sketching out took longer than I had planned. In all it took seven hours over two afternoons. An enjoyable exercise and I quite liked the end result but having now seen the original I feel mine has less depth and intrigue but is definitely brighter!

Here they are, what are your thoughts?

February has not been a month for much new painting instead I have been concentrating on finishing, varnishing, and finally, using my husbands excellent skills photographing new work to add to my website gallery. The technical admin as ever takes me more time to negotiate, I get there in the end but in more of a roundabout way!

Should any artwork catch your eye a new update to my Website means it is now possible to buy work direct from the gallery. Head to the gallery page for more information.

March is on the horizon with all the exciting things spring has to offer and will see me painting and gardening again in earnest!

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