Hello and a warm welcome to any visitors and followers from my old blog ‘The Creative Muse’ formally ‘The Recovering Gardener’ and any new visitors to this new blog.

I feel a little brief history is required for any new visitors landed here….

‘The Recovering Gardener’ started as a recovery/gardening blog as a result of a serious car collision I had in 2012 and my recovery from the subsequent injuries sustained both physically and mentally.  Eventually the ‘The Recovering Gardener’ recovered enough for the most part and was able to resume work designing and maintaining clients gardens albeit mostly from ground level and for less days. With more free time I was able to take up art once again and combined with my husbands passion for Photography and travel  ‘The Recovering Gardener’ became ‘The Creative Muse’.

My art journey started from early childhood I loved doing art projects as did my Father and we would when his time permitted practise our sketching together. As an adult, family commitments and work meant there was not always time for art. Nevertheless I continued to dabble sporadically and attend workshops when the opportunity arose. This was mainly in graphite and watercolour.

In late October 2020 during the Covid Pandemic I was able and lucky enough to replace an old summer house with a fully insulated small art studio in our garden. It was here my passion for working in oil paint really started and contributed to an almost daily art habit, helped in part by not having to tidy away after a painting session.

In March 2022 my new Website Sara Mower Artist was launched as a platform to show and sell my paintings.

In May 2022 I took part in my first art exhibition with DAW exhibiting a selection of oil paintings from my studio. It was nerve-racking and stressful putting it all together but worth every minute for the positive feedback and actual sales from the many visitors over the two weeks.

Here we are in present day February 2023 and from this month my paintings can now be bought direct from the website using the buy now button. Please do have a visit to the gallery pages where new work will regularly be added.

As for this new blog I am intending to write a post at least once a month along the lines of the former blog ‘The Creative Muse’ incorporating art, traveling art plein air and Photography (my amazing Husbands). Occasionally my creative Grandchildren may get a mention too!

For now ‘The Creative Muse’ @saramowerart is still visible to visit but any new writing will be found here.

Thanks for reading

Using Water-mixable Oil Paint!

During March in the studio I have been using limited oil colour palettes and enjoying just playing around with different techniques using the palette knife especially for sky practice and water without worrying about final outcomes. We have a couple of holidays booked this year, one in early summer to Tresco in the Scilly Isles and later in the year Northumberland. With travel in mind, after much research I decided
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